Hourglass by Chris Dziemborowicz

I used to use Windows programs like CookTimer and Orzeszek Timer. I found it handy for tasks that I wanted to do for, or within, a specific amount of time. (I also used it to time my stereotypical college dorm ramen noodles.)

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TIL: Project Gemini

I’ve always thought that Photoshop was in a weird spot, and that Adobe had to always make strange concessions when designing and developing it.

To me, Photoshop has long been a general-purpose raster-based image editing thing. Touch-up tools. Color adjustment tools. Customizable brushes for drawing and painting. Obviously, their unbeatable typography tools that Adobe is known for. Loads of other things. Adobe’s development team can be as large as they want to support as many users and use cases as they want, but various features serving different purposes in a single program inevitably butt heads with each other.

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New URL! Welcome, everyone!

Hello and welcome to the new URL for my art and tech blog.


I’ve transferred over the one post from the old blog so that’s now here too.

I feel bad for having a blog that only contains one mean hardware review of the one thing. I’m not that kind of person so I don’t really want this to be that kind of blog.

I’ll start to write a few drafts, and mirror some illustration and animation software news in the next little bit, including the increasingly popular Clip Studio Paint, which I find myself enjoying talking to people about anyway. I also think I might include some content on psychology/neuroscience-y stuff that may interest artists and illustrators.

As always, take care everyone!