A quick way to install custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint

I’m in the process of preparing some custom brushes for people. So I’m writing this as a quick guide I can point to.

Clip Studio Paint brush files have the file extension .sut (meaning “sub tool”, which is what “brushes” are called in CSP).

An example of a sub tool file.

How to install brushes

You usually download multiple brushes in a pack, so you’ll want to install multiple of them at once.

The fastest way to install multiple brushes is to select them in your file manager, and drag them into Clip Studio Paint’s [Sub Tool] palette.

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How to Insert/Remove Frames in Clip Studio Paint 1.9.1 using shortcuts!

Greetings, fellow animators!

An introduction: I wrote about this new, minor but game-changing menu item and that it really excited me. I thought it was important enough to make a post just for how to set up Auto-Actions and shortcuts to really make use of it well!

What is this new feature?

In Clip Studio Paint 1.9.1, they added [Insert frame] and [Delete frame] to the timeline menus.

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Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 is out!

I swear I’m not trying to be a Clip Studio Paint blog. But I find myself not having much else to write about on this blog these days. And I do find Clip Studio Paint updates and reading their release notes genuinely exciting.

We now have Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 today. (see the official Release Notes page)

Just based on their announcements, I was originally not too excited about it. But it turns out they hid some unexpectedly nice things in the this latest update.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new; the features that stand out to me, and some attempt to clarify details that might be a bit confusing.

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