Wacom tablet drivers now support Apple M1 (2021 Jan 26 – Wacom Driver 6.3.42)

In November of 2021, Apple released new computers, a couple of Macbooks and a Mac Mini, with the first generation of their new custom ARM processor which they named M1, boasting really impressive energy efficiency and performance. For a while after the release, people realized that Wacom had not been able to make a compatible driver for them yet, so while they did make compelling computers, they weren’t good options for artists who needed to use their existing Wacom hardware.

On 2021 January 26, Wacom released their new Wacom Tablet Driver 6.3.42-1 for Mac. This finally makes Wacom tablets fully functional on Apple’s new computers that use their new M1 processors.

While you may not want to get their new computers for this reason, it’s good to know that this is no longer a negative point against them.

You can read more details in their release notes, including other updates and known issues.

To get the new M1-compatible tablet driver, you can visit the official Wacom driver page: https://www.wacom.com/en-us/support/product-support/drivers

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