CLIP STUDIO PAINT improves vector editing, adds “Paste to shown position” (Update 1.9.9)

CELSYS has just updated Clip Studio Paint to version 1.9.9

The headlining features revolve around easier ways to edit vector curves.

Continuous Curve tool with the Cubic Bezier curve type selected.

Note that we’ve always been able to use Bezier curves in CSP, both on regular raster layers and vector layers. What they’ve added is “Improved editing”.

We’ll run through some of the important new editing and interface features below.

Update : 1.9.10 Patch

Using [Free Transform] with the [Object] tool on vector selections (selections of strokes in a Vector layer) was broken in 1.9.9.

This was fixed in 1.9.10. If you use this, make sure your Clip Studio Paint is updated to the latest.

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Clip Studio Paint 1.9.5 – The Flat Interface and iOS Files Update

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in the updated Clip Studio Paint 1.9.5 (released 5 December 2019).

The most exciting stuff:

  • The user interface skin has been updated: it loses the gradients from the icons, titlebars and palette handles. White stroke previews for dark mode.
  • On iOS, File management has now caught up with the latest iOS 12 (and 13) scheme. Internal files will be visible to the Files app, and you can now save and open files in any folder.
  • Many other improvements.
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Color Math and Layer Blend Modes

Consider this: You’re a certain kind of artist or comic colorist who uses Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint or Krita or whatever. And you’re used to coloring using multiple layers. You separate the base color from the shadows and highlights, and you use a Multiply layer for the shadows.

Then you decide you like certain colors that you’ve seen. You have a reference— you could’ve found it online or you made it yourself by hand-picking the colors. You still to use a multiply layer for shadows, but you don’t know what color to use so you get the right color. How do you find out?

How do I find out the color I need to use with a Multiply layer to get a resulting shadow color?

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Clip Studio Paint : Direction of Pen

Since some of the custom Clip Studio Paint brushes I’ve made use this feature, I’ve written this post as a quick reference.

In Clip Studio Paint, brushes have a “Direction” setting. This determines the rotation of the brush shape when it’s painted onto the canvas.

Direction slider in the subtool settings.

The direction of a brush can have dynamics that are based on certain inputs like pen direction, pen rotation or direction of line. This post describes how “Direction of pen” works.

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A quick way to install custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint

I’m in the process of preparing some custom brushes for people. So I’m writing this as a quick guide I can point to.

Clip Studio Paint brush files have the file extension .sut (meaning “sub tool”, which is what “brushes” are called in CSP).

An example of a sub tool file.

How to install brushes

You usually download multiple brushes in a pack, so you’ll want to install multiple of them at once.

The fastest way to install multiple brushes is to select them in your file manager, and drag them into Clip Studio Paint’s [Sub Tool] palette.

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How to Insert/Remove Frames in Clip Studio Paint 1.9.1 using shortcuts!

Greetings, fellow animators!

An introduction: I wrote about this new, minor but game-changing menu item and that it really excited me. I thought it was important enough to make a post just for how to set up Auto-Actions and shortcuts to really make use of it well!

What is this new feature?

In Clip Studio Paint 1.9.1, they added [Insert frame] and [Delete frame] to the timeline menus.

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Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 is out!

I swear I’m not trying to be a Clip Studio Paint blog. But I find myself not having much else to write about on this blog these days. And I do find Clip Studio Paint updates and reading their release notes genuinely exciting.

We now have Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 today. (see the official Release Notes page)

Just based on their announcements, I was originally not too excited about it. But it turns out they hid some unexpectedly nice things in the this latest update.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new; the features that stand out to me, and some attempt to clarify details that might be a bit confusing.

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Clip Studio Paint 1.8.6 released! New brushes, Pose scanner, many helpful changes included.

Celsys has released the new 1.8.6 update for Clip Studio Paint! (Tweet)

Its highlight additions for this new version are the addition of new included brushes, and the new Pose Scanner (as an in-development “technology preview” feature, similar to their “Colorize” and “Remove Tones” features.)

But there were a bunch of other changes and additions that I really appreciated.

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