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  • Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 is out!

    Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 is out!

    I swear I’m not trying to be a Clip Studio Paint blog. But I find myself not having much else to write about on this blog these days. And I do find Clip Studio Paint updates and reading their release notes genuinely exciting. We now have Clip Studio Paint 1.9.2 today. (see the official Release […]

  • Clip Studio Paint 1.8.6 released! New brushes, Pose scanner, many helpful changes included.

    Clip Studio Paint 1.8.6 released! New brushes, Pose scanner, many helpful changes included.

    Celsys has released the new 1.8.6 update for Clip Studio Paint! (Tweet) Its highlight additions for this new version are the addition of new included brushes, and the new Pose Scanner (as an in-development “technology preview” feature, similar to their “Colorize” and “Remove Tones” features.) But there were a bunch of other changes and additions […]

  • Hourglass by Chris Dziemborowicz

    Hourglass by Chris Dziemborowicz

    I used to use Windows programs like CookTimer and Orzeszek Timer. I found it handy for tasks that I wanted to do for, or within, a specific amount of time. (I also used it to time my stereotypical college dorm ramen noodles.)

  • TIL: Project Gemini

    TIL: Project Gemini

    I’ve always thought that Photoshop was in a weird spot, and that Adobe had to always make strange concessions when designing and developing it. To me, Photoshop has long been a general-purpose raster-based image editing thing. Touch-up tools. Color adjustment tools. Customizable brushes for drawing and painting. Obviously, their unbeatable typography tools that Adobe is […]

  • Blender 2.8 just entered Beta

    Blender 2.8 just entered Beta

    A few days ago, November 29th, 2018, Blender 2.8 officially entered the Beta phase. That means its feature set is complete and won’t be drastically changing, and the next goals are polishing and stabilization. I took the opportunity to finally download it and try it out a bit. Things that immediately stood out to me:

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